BaseX meta XPRIZE habitat technology

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Just noticed super cool resources for housing:

Thank you for setting up the groundwork.

I'm very aware of climate change and forced migration.
Refugee camps are the "cities of tomorrow"
The average stay today in a camp is 17 years. That's a generation.

Just Elon is doing SpaceX and flying to Mars, I'm doing BaseX and increasing chances of human survival on Earth.

"Start with why" type of opening blog post on Medium:


I was thinking about doing but unsure about the exact judging criteria.

In a nutshell, a shipping container that has:
open technological platform that allows for the easy fabrication of the 50 types of industrial machines that it takes to build a small civilization with modern comforts
We could totally deploy it anywhere, anytime. Not just as a response to natural disasters like Mobile Resource Unit by Burners Without Borders - - but systematic effort to build a billion of homes.

Some suggestions to the judging criteria:
  • $10k build cost
  • Living space for 10
  • Feed for 10 (original design is for 100)
  • Operating temperatures up to 50C
  • Rep-rap style ability to self replicate

I'm totally open to populating and establishing a new country, think Burning Man but 24/7/365


I'm currently living in London, I'm currently priced out of real-estate ownership market, I estimate cost of land zoned as "residential" is 90% of the housing cost. That's why trying to establish a base somewhere else, the BaseX island is very appealing and I was thinking about "BaseX meta XPRIZE habitat technology" - including two existing XPRIZEs and going meta exponential 😎


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