Carbon Sequestration Instructions

Strengthening the role of forests in carbon sequestration and storing.

**Top breakthrough
Decreasing the cost and increasing the scale of quantifying the carbon sequestration of forests.

**Additional ideas
* Optimal landscaping techniques for tree and plant species, and the density of their distribution to increase size of forest carbon pool.
* Finding ways to enhance efficiency of photosynthesis.
* Technologies to measure precisely carbon density and value of standing forests
* Technologies to bring trust, radical accuracy, efficiency of forest carbon credits to increase the flow of capital to forest protection.


  • How does this breakthrough help achieve a desired future for forests?
  • Is anyone else, other than XPRIZE, likely to do this? If so, who?
  • What other things must occur beforehand to make this breakthrough successful?
  • When is this breakthrough needed? By what year?
  • How audacious is this breakthrough (in terms of global impact)?


  • Please answer one of more of the questions in the discussion below.
  • Feel free to discuss the breakthrough, and additional ideas, in general as well.
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