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Weather control

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I believe a prize for weather control, may be a sci fi, would have a great deal of benefits, to tackle climate change as cloud seeding is being used in South Asia for irrigation. It could be used to help clean air and deliver water. Airhes has shown in principle that clean energy could be generated from clouds. Wildfire could be prevented or tackled using rainfall. Flooding could be ameliorated by redirecting rainfall. Also irrigation could help feed the next billion. If it's cheap enough very crude weather control could deliver huge benefit.


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    We like ideas from sci-fi, @mickwaza! As our founder, Peter Diamandis, put it: "The day before something is truly a breakthrough, it's a crazy idea."
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    Thanks for the comment. I put forward speculative ideas under water from air.
    One was to concentrate solar energy over a small area to create a rising column of moist area which could cool and cause rainfall as it cools at higher altitudes. The other was a hot air airship containing solar cells where the heat given off by the solar cells provides the hot air for lift and the electricity the power for motors. Add to this a mesh as in Airhes design, either vertically or horizontally it could cause precipitation. These would be cheap especially if mostly automated.
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