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    Hello everyone,

    My name is Claus D. Hansen. I'm an Associate Professor of Sociology at Aalborg University and one of my research topics is gender. I've been participating in various research projects where we have tried to measure more diverse aspects of gender than simply using sex (i.e. male vs. female) in quantitative studies on e.g. work environment issues, educational choice and place attachment. In Denmark - and many other places - the main bulk of gender research is carried out qualitatively. The consequence of this is that there is a high need for more nuanced ways in which to incorporate gender more directly into quantitative analyses of gender. The idea for a prize to a adress the gender bias inherent in algorithms and in data collection is in my opinion closely connected to the difficulties we have measuring crucial aspects of ways in which gender is performed and done.

    Best wishes,

  • aylinaylin Assistant Professor Posts: 2
    Hi everyone,

    I am an assistant professor of computer science at George Washington University. My research focuses on AI Ethics and Bias in AI. I have been studying how to detect and quantify bias in statistical regularities of languages via word embeddings ( and neural language models. I also work on reverse engineering social data in supervised machine learning settings to quantify disparate impact and analyze how bias creeps into these systems. I am looking forward to collaborating to reduce the gender data gap for enhancing fairness in women's representation.

  • rachsaxrachsax Associate Partner Posts: 1
    Hi all -

    I'm Rachna Saxena, an Associate Partner at Dalberg Advisors, a social impact advisory firm with offices in over 25 countries. We work on women's economic empowerment across sectors and I specifically focus on bringing a gender lens into investments. Looking forward to being a part of this initiative!
  • asnevesasneves Prof. Posts: 1
    Dear all. My name is Sofia Neves and I'm an assistant professor at University Institute of Maia and a researcher at CIEG (Interdisciplinary Centre for Gender Studies - Institute of Social and Political Sciences, University of Lisbon), Portugal. I'm also the President of Associação Plano i, a NGO that promotes Human Rights. My field of work is gender violence against women and LGBTI people. I'm glad to be part of this project. Best.
  • MaikaSondarjeeMaikaSondarjee Postdoctoral Scholar Posts: 1
    Hi everyone,
    I am Maïka Sondarjee, postdoctoral researcher at Université de Montréal and starting July 2020, professor in gender and development at the University of Ottawa. I was a research awardee at the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) on feminist methodologies and epistemologies in low-income countries. I also founded Femmes Expertes, which seeks to reduce the gap in representation of women in Canadian media. Our partners' Gender Gap Trackers tool might be of interest, recording real-time citations of women/men in canadian media:
  • VictorOrozco1VictorOrozco1 Senior Economist Posts: 2
    Hi everyone,
    I am Victor Orozco, a Senior Economist with the Development Impact Evaluation (DIME) department in the World Bank. I founded and lead the World Bank’s research program on Mass Media and Entertainment-Education, which I run in close collaboration with researchers and practitioners from governments, the World Bank, development partners and academic institutions.

    I am currently running experiments in the fields of sexual health, gender-based violence, girl education, early grade literacy, and youth addictions; with entertainment-education producers and distributors MTV, Discovery Learning Alliance, Creative Learning, ITVS, Cinepolis, Population Foundation of India, and Facebook.
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    I am especially interested to hear your views on data collection, tagging, and analysis (
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    Our most recent discussion topic on Gender data collection, tagging and analysis can be found here, under Key Issues: We'd love to hear your thoughts!
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    With your diverse backgrounds in gender research to computer science, I am sure you'll be able to share your inputs on our latest discussion topic on Gender data collection, tagging and analysis:

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    Hello All,

    I am Susan L. Solomon, the Founder and CEO of the New York Stem Cell Foundation Research Institute, (or NYSCF, as we call it) the world's largest independent research institute dedicated to accelerating new treatments and cures for the most devastating diseases of our time through stem cell research.

    I am a lawyer by training and an entrepreneur and executive through experience, having previously had a long career in law & media, and starting my own consulting firm before founding NYSCF in 2005.

    In 2014, we started our NYSCF Initiative on Women in Science & Engineering (IWISE) to create, implement, and promote actionable strategies for advancing women in STEM. This effort has resulted in two white papers: the first, "Seven Actionable Strategies for Advancing Women in Science, Medicine, and Engineering," (Cell Stem Cell, 2015), and the next analyzing the impact of one of our strategies, “Institutional Report Cards for Gender Equality: Lessons Learned from Benchmarking Efforts for Women in STEM” (Cell Stem Cell 2019).

    I am thrilled to be a part of this initiative, and look forward to improving the gender data gap!
  • NatashaEONatashaEO Principal Behavioural Scientist Posts: 1
    Hello XPrize community! It's amazing to see a global team of experts come together on this important issue.

    I'm Natasha Ouslis, a workplace psychologist working in both consulting and academia (as a PhD candidate graduating next year).

    As a consultant, I've helped companies:
    - remove unexpected biases in their recruitment and hiring processes that affect applicants based on gender, race, ability, and more
    - developed workshops where we create small, embedded nudges (or changes that help us make better decisions), and
    - built field experiments to test workplace and marketing solutions directly with end users.

    As an academic, I've studied how to close the gender gap in spatial skills, a key precursor for STEM fields, I've studied how diverse teams can use collaboration and constructive conflict to perform better, and I've tested ways to understand and close the gender gap between all-male and gender-diverse investing teams.

    So excited to contribute to this important work!
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  • Aaron_DenhamAaron_Denham Lead Research Analyst Posts: 33 XPRIZE
    Hi all,

    I'm Aaron Denham, a Lead Research Analyst. This is my first project with XPRIZE. I recently came from UC San Diego's Global Health Program and, before that, Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. My background is in cultural and medical anthropology. I've been a professor for 12 years and I just made the leap from academia to XPRIZE. My research has been in child and maternal health (mostly in Ghana), mental health, and international development. I've also worked on projects related to dementia, intergenerational trauma, the intersections between eating disordered behavior and obesity, and patient-provider relationships in the context of electronic medical records.

    I'm looking forward to diving in and learning more from everyone! Feel free to get in touch with me anytime.
  • RishbhaRishbha Public Communications Specialist Posts: 1
    Hi everyone!

    My name is Rishbha Bhagi and I’m the Public Communications Specialist for the University of Southern California’s (USC) Information Sciences Institute (ISI). I’ve worked in diverse fields in media and communications over the past decade, from music journalism to science publications.

    For the past few years, I've been working alongside scientists in various disciplines, taking their research and translating it in a way that’s both consumable and meaningful to a target audience. I help make the relevancy and impact of the scientists’ data more accessible, since, on its own, data doesn't necessarily provide automatic insight - the insight needs to be extracted, interpreted, and transformed into a narrative that underscores the data’s significance and provides meaning to a specific audience. The framing and presentation of data is very important - doubly so when dealing with intersectional topics such as the gender data gap - and this is where the communications side of things comes in.

    I’m very excited to learn from and collaborate with the XPRIZE community on this initiative. Thanks for the opportunity and I look forward to working with you all!
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    @rishbha and @JessicaRoland great to have you join the community! With the range of your expertise, we are excited to hear your perspectives. I highly encourage you to jump into one of the discussions on our key issues page (
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    Welcome @farah! It's great to have you join the community!

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  • LewisDeanLewisDean Head of Research Funding Posts: 1

    I am Lewis Dean, Head of Research Funding at Research England. We are the government agency that provides English universities with block grants for research.
    I am interested both in research culture, and the efficacy and societal impact of the research itself.
    I have an academic background in comparative and developmental psychology, researching the evolution of human capacity for culture.
    I am very much looking forward to contributing to this project.
  • areff2000areff2000 Research Data Analyst Posts: 1
    edited March 2020
    Hello all
    I research innovation and value creation, and work as a Research Data Specialist in Australia at a national innovation project, called ARDC. ARDC is digitally transforming and accelerating Australia's 21st Century research (using #openscience and #FAIRdata) - supporting leading edge research and innovation.

    Value is a 21st Century approach to Innovation.
    Gender is a 21st Century challenge and opportunity after centuries of patriarchy.
    I look forward to contributing however I can.
    Cheers from Melbourne,
    Richard Ferrers
  • ShashiShashi Mumbai, IndiaPosts: 551 admin
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  • ÅsaEkvallÅsaEkvall Dr. Posts: 8 ✭✭
    Hi I'm Dr Åsa Ekvall, a freelance researcher and gender specialist. I have a background of working for 10 years on women's empowerment, women's rights and against GBV in various conflict and post-conflict zones. During this time I experienced how a lack of data made it difficult to design good projects. There was a big reluctance among big agencies to ask the population what they needed and wanted. The experts always knew best. This attitude always disturbed me.

    Originally from Sweden I now live in the Netherlands. My field work led me to think about norms, values and attitudes and how they are informing all our conscious and unconscious decision. I then went on to do a PhD about how norms and attitudes to gender equality, sexual orientation and the use of violence are connected. Needless to say, finding good data was a problem.

    One of my projects here in the Netherlands is to coordinate a program by UN Women Netherlands called Safe Streets where we encourage municipalities to make the public space safer for women and girls. The way we ask them to go about it is to first get the data - not only about the where and when but also what the female inhabitants in the municipality would like to see change. Often the target population has ideas for solutions that the experts wont see! This quest for data involves both traditional surveys and participatory methods. I'm a big believer in participatory methods! Don't design things for people before actually asking them what it is they need!
  • BarbaraDMBarbaraDM Head of Social Justice Unit Posts: 2
    Hi everyone,
    I am Barbara De Micheli, Head of the Social Justice Unit at Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini, a think and do not for profit organization based in Rome, Italy. In Fondazione I coordinate several research projects funded by the European Commission, the European Institute for Gender Equality and the European Fundamental Rights Agency on women's rights, economic inequalities, work-life balance, gender equality plans, industrial relations and social security. I am in the board of the web magazine which proposes a gender perspective on economic and social dynamics. It exists since 2009 and has a databank of more than 3000 articles, most in Italian, several in English. Since 2012 I coordinate the Master on Gender Equality Diversity and Inclusion, now at its 10 edition. Finally, I just obtained my PHD at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia with the thesis on organizational space and the impact of digitalization. I happy to be part of the team.
  • kduttkdutt Posts: 1
    My name is Kuheli Dutt and I am the diversity officer for Lamont-Doherty at Columbia University. As diversity officer of a geoscience campus I lead diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts at Lamont. My own research/ area of expertise lies in implicit bias, including gender and racial bias. I did a study on gender differences in recommendation letters in the geosciences, where we found that men were generally praised as "brilliant" and "star" while women were praised as "reliable" and "team player", and that both male and female letter-writers were doing this, and that it was true of all regions/countries. I'm involved with various DEI related activities, both at Lamont and within the larger geoscience and academic community. Kudos to XPrize for doing this!
  • ShashiShashi Mumbai, IndiaPosts: 551 admin
    I am copy pasting Suneetha Rani's Introduction sent via Direct Message
    "Hi all, I am Suneetha Rani, Professor at the Centre for Women's Studies, University of Hyderabad, India. I have been teaching courses, supervising theses and taking up research in the field of Gender Studies.
    My observations are going to be location-specific. I have worked at the grass-root level as well as at the theoretical level."
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  • khs40khs40 Economic Justice & Resilience Programme Manager Posts: 1
    Hello everyone,

    I am Md Khalid Hossain. I work for Oxfam in Bangladesh as Economic Justice & Resilience Programme Manager. I oversee a number of community development projects which have a strong focus on developing transformative leadership and resilience capacity of women in rural and urban areas of Bangladesh. Great to be connected with all of you.
  • JennaArnoldJennaArnold Author & Activist Posts: 1
    Hello Everyone,

    Im Jenna Arnold, the author of Raising Our Hands (June 2020, BenBella) and one of the organizers of the National Women’s March. I have spent the past three years traveling the US researching the ‘state of American women’ with a specific focus on white women.

    Looking forward to being in community with all of you.

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    Welcome, @JennaArnold — we're excited to have you join our online community of experts and to continue the conversation with you as we design this challenge! We would love to hear your thoughts on this recent discussion topic:
  • WD_ResearchWD_Research Posts: 7 ✭✭
    Hi everyone, we are the Research Team at Women Deliver, a global advocate for the health and rights of girls and women. We look forward to contributing to this conversation and helping design the challenge! Team members:

    Divya Mathew, Senior Manager of Research, Policy and Advocacy, is a sustainable development policy and practice professional with over a decade of international work experience. Her work has focused on institutional strategy and policy, research, and development financing and effectiveness across the areas of gender, education, and governance.

    Rachel Fowler, Senior Associate of Research, Policy and Advocacy, is a public health professional with a background in research methods, policy analysis, and program monitoring and evaluation. Her focus is on gender equality and women’s health. Rachel lead the development of Women Deliver’s gender data and knowledge gap report, which identified over 150 gaps across 9 thematic areas related to the SDGs.

    Meyris Montalvo, Senior Assistant of Research, Policy and Advocacy, has experience working on fundraising, donor relations, and advocacy communications. Meyris is passionate on applying a gender lens to the topics of economic empowerment and political participation.
  • stellunakstellunak Co-Founder Posts: 13 ✭✭
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    Hello, everyone! Great to be reading your bios and experience. My name is Stella Kasdagli and I am a writer and the co-founder of Women On Top, a CSO in Athens, Greece, working for the professional empowerment of women and for equality in the public sphere. WoT was founded in 2012 and since then has created and monitored over 450 mentoring partnerships for the benefit of unemployed women, women who want to change their professional career, establish themselves in male-dominated professions, build their own businesses etc.
    It has also trained over 1000 unemployed, employed and self-employed women in skills camps offering childcare for the little ones of those who are mothers.
    Last but not least, through the Women on Top in Business initiative, we provide training, consulting and project management services to businesses and organizations wishing to prioritize the equal representation of women at work, by investing to the diversity and inclusivity of their talent pools as well as to the work/life balance of their employees.
    I am looking forward to participating in this forum and will do my best to contribute in ideas and feedback as much as possible, during this trying time for all.
  • clestrieclestrie Dr. Posts: 4
    Hello everyone,

    I work for the Center for Responsible Research and Innovation at Fraunhofer IAO in Germany. Among other things, our center undertakes applied research on the role of gender and diversity in innovation processes. The head of our center, Martina Schraudner, is one of the pioneers in the field of "Gendered Innovations". I teach students on Gendered Innovations at her engineering chair at the TU Berlin.

    I would like to take this opportunity to draw attention to a current call for papers from us on the interplay between diversity and working atmosphere in research organizations:

    I am happy about the opportunity for networking and am looking forward to everything else!

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