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Hi everyone! Please introduce yourselves here.

My name is Nick, I'll be managing the online community for XPRIZE Rapid Reskilling. I'm from the Netherlands but live in Barcelona. My background is in political risk analysis, crowdsourced consultancy and journalism.

If you have any community-related questions or need help, please don't hesitate to message here or email me at [email protected].


  • jordangialijordangiali Research Analyst Posts: 43 XPRIZE
    Hi everyone! I'm Jordan Giali, and I’ll be supporting the research and prize design efforts.

    Prior to joining XPRIZE, I worked in the economic consulting industry, doing research primarily on state and county-level economies. I’m very excited to collaborate with you all and hear your ideas on the future of work!

    Please feel free to message me here or by email at [email protected]
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    Hello Everyone! I'm Bryan Namba, the Lead Product Manager for the Future of Work Prize Design. I'm looking forward to learning all about your work and am eager to see the discussions we will have here throughout the design process.

    This is my third project with XPRIZE, I previously worked on the Zero-Waste Mining Prize Design and the Empowering Children Prize Design. Prior to XPRIZE I was a Policy Analyst for LA County focusing on homelessness.

    If you have any questions about this design, please feel free to reach out to me on here, on LinkedIn, or via email at [email protected]!
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    Hi Everyone! I'm Kathleen Hamrick, a Project Specialist for the Future of Work (FOW) Prize Design. We look forward to learning about your work and engaging in conversation with you in ways that will inform the FOW prize design.

    This is my third project with XPRIZE. Previously, I worked on the Rainforest and the Feeding the Next Billion Prize Designs. Prior to XPRIZE, I assisted with TechCrunch's expansion into emerging tech ecosystems.

    Please feel free to reach out to me on here, on LinkedIn, or via email at [email protected]!
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    Hi all!
    I'm Roey Tzezana, lead researcher for the Future of Work Prize Design. Really looking forward to doing the research and hearing your views on this topic which is quite simply critical to our future.

    This is my third project with XPRIZE. In my past roles I've had the pleasure and honor of working on the Future of Forests Impact Roadmap, and leading the research on the Future of Longevity Impact Roadmap. Before XPRIZE I conducted futures studies research for governments, international organizations and NGOs, and travelled all over the world, studying the future of society and technology - and how we could improve it.

    Feel free to reach out to me at any time, here or at [email protected]

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    Hi @gregbrodsky, we are delighted to have you join our Online Community of experts! Thank you for sharing more information about your work with an accelerator for shared ownership companies. We look forward to having further discussions with you as they pertain to the future of work.
  • RoeyRoey Posts: 160 XPRIZE
    Hey @gregbrodsky , great to have you here with us!

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    Hello Everyone!

    I am Klaus Prettner and work as professor of economics at the University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart, Germany. My main research interests are related to the macroeconomic effects of automation and digitalization and I analyze questions such as "How do automation and digitalization affect inequality dynamics?", "Who is likely to benefit from new technologies and who is likely to lose?" "What are potential policy responses to minimize undesired distributional effects of automation and digitalization without jeopardizing overall economic prosperity?"

    I am very excited to collaborate with you in this fascinating project and am looking forward to the discussions, sharing ideas, commenting drafts, etc. I am available for any questions/discussions and you can also reach me by email at [email protected]

    Best wishes,
  • BryanNambaBryanNamba Posts: 47 XPRIZE
    Welcome, @Klaus! We have some discussions going and would love to have you weigh in! Also please feel free to share any helpful reading materials in the Recommended Reading thread!
  • RoeyRoey Posts: 160 XPRIZE
    Hia @Klaus ! Great to have you with us! Looking forward for some interesting debates about the future (of work).
  • alysia_oalysia_o Director of Strategic Partnerships Posts: 4
    Hello XPrize Community!

    It's Alysia Ordway based in Boston, Massachusetts. I am delighted to join this community, learn from all of you, and hopefully contribute something along the way.

    Currently, I am the Director of Strategic Partnerships at XR Terra, a startup focused on job-ready XR skill development for the next generation of digital talent. Prior to that I led employer engagement at the workforce board for the City of Boston.
  • BryanNambaBryanNamba Posts: 47 XPRIZE
    Welcome to the community, @alysia_o! Thanks for joining - we would love to have you weigh in on some of our discussions!
  • RoeyRoey Posts: 160 XPRIZE
    Welcome, @alysia_o ! Looking forward to learning from you!
  • H_Kay_HowardH_Kay_Howard Director Posts: 2
    Hi all! I'm H. Kay Howard from Third Sector, a nonprofit that helps state and local government funders connect their resources to results through innovating around the ways governments fund nonprofits, measure success, and collaborate across systems to achieve long-term outcomes. I have worked closely with the Massachusetts Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA) and the MassHire Workforce Board and Career Center system. I'm interested in thinking through how the XPrize can leverage and coordinate with existing public systems that already serve vulnerable populations seeking workforce opportunities and how this effort can catalyze long-term systems change.
  • BryanNambaBryanNamba Posts: 47 XPRIZE
    Welcome @H_Kay_Howard! Thank you for joining the discussions! Our team has definitely been thinking through some of the ideas you raised.
  • Kathleen_HamrickKathleen_Hamrick Posts: 66 XPRIZE
    Welcome @H_Kay_Howard - we look forward to engaging in future discussions with you!
  • HeatherSuttonHeatherSutton Project Specialist Posts: 77 XPRIZE
    Hello Everyone! I just recently joined XPRIZE and as a Project Specialist and I'll be supporting the team on The Future of Work prize design. I'm looking forward to diving in to your comments (past and future) and learning more.
  • ymedanymedan Founder and CTO Posts: 126 ✭✭✭
    Hello friends! I am Dr. Yoav Medan from Israel, a Social Impact and Technology entrepreneur. I have been active at the Israel Democracy Institute committee devoted to Future of Work and Education.
    Happy to learn as well as contribute.
  • nanditabthakur11nanditabthakur11 Mrs Posts: 5 ✭✭
    Hello everyone ✋🏼I am Nandita thakur... from Delhi,India. I am a Nutrition Researcher and I am working in community nutrition in Rural and urban slum areas of India,The poor people's health, Nutrition and economic status. I will be great full to learn and contribute to Future of Work and Education ....
  • BryanNambaBryanNamba Posts: 47 XPRIZE
    Welcome @ymedan and @nanditabthakur11! Thank you both for joining our community. We have a few active threads and would love to hear more about the work being done in Israel and India.
  • nanditabthakur11nanditabthakur11 Mrs Posts: 5 ✭✭
    Thanks BryanNamba .....sure sir will update you soon 😊
  • tmillertmiller Managing Partner Posts: 1
    Hi all – I’m Tony Miller based in Los Angeles. I’m founder of Excolere Equity Partners, an investment firm focused on companies operating in the education and human capital management space. I serve on several boards, both nonprofit (e.g., ACT, Inc., Chicago Public Education Fund) and for-profit (e.g., Criteria, University of Phoenix). Prior to investing in education organizations in the private sector, I served as Deputy Secretary and COO of U.S. Dept. of Education during President Obama’s first term. I look forward to learning and doing what I can to help ensure the Future of Work Prize is a great success.
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    I'm Terry Rorison and I am a co-founder of AVADynamics. We have made it to round two of the Avatar/robotics Xprize competition. We are building a low-cost avatar/robot with the goal of providing vocational instruction to people who've lost their jobs to technology and live in remote areas.

    Our intention is to continue this after the contest is over and we plan on partnering with large companies who need skilled workers that are not replaced easily by artificial intelligence. To this end our robot will have mobility, haptics, VR, and will be printed in plastic.

    Part of my background includes setting up adult education programs. The Avatar X prize competition requires that we build a robot that can communicate human senses across 80 km. We plan on using a high quality VR system that can be used for precise work. We will work with large companies to build a training system that fulfills their needs for jobs with the future.

    I have set up successful nonprofits to provide computer aided design to people delivered remotely through the Internet. I cofounded another nonprofit to train organizations in building factories in developing countries to produce ceramic water filters that are low-tech and low cost. This involves mixing clay and sawdust and firing it to a high enough temperature that the sawdust burns off.

    The resulting filter fits in a 5 gallon bucket with a spigot and the pores are too small for bacteria to pass through but large enough for water. Thus far factories have been built in Nepal, Nigeria, Nicaragua, southern Mexico and testing is being done of clay in Haiti. Sometimes a problem is solved using technology and other times a low-tech approach is called for.
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    Thank you for joining us, @tmiller and @Terry! I hope you can share your thoughts on our Ideas for Prize Competitions. In particular the Soft-Skills Prize and the Workforce Prize.
  • TerryTerry Co=founder Posts: 7
    Fastest Growing Jobs for the Next Decade
    1. Solar Photovoltaic Installers. ...
    2. Wind Turbine Service Technicians. ...
    3. Home Health Aides. ...
    4. Personal Care Aides. ...
    5. Physician Assistants. ...
    6. Nurse Practitioners. ...
    7. Statisticians. ...
    8. Physical Therapist Assistants.

    15 Jobs That Will Disappear In The Next 20 Years Due To AI
    • DRIVERS. Let me put it this way: if your job consists of driving any type of machenery, automobile or vehicle, you're gonna be out of a job soon. ...
    • CASHIERS. ...
    • TRAVEL AGENTS. ...
    • DISPATCHERS. ...

  • AlishaHarringtonAlishaHarrington Business Development Lead Posts: 1
    Hi Everyone, I'm Alisha Harrington and I work at Impact Hub Boston. We are part of a global network of over 100 Impact Hubs which serve as a workspace and community for social impact focused entrepreneurs. I'm interested to hear about ways our specific Hub or the Global Network of Hubs could support this challenge. In the US right now we have Hubs in NYC, Baltimore, Houston, Austin and Minneapolis St. Paul.
    Looking forward to more discussions and connections.
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    Hi everyone. My name's Will Holz and I'm looking to join/form a team!

    I have some previous work that may be helpful that a couple of us submitted to the Buckminster Fuller team several years back in an earlier form I'd love to merge ideas with someone with a similar ovreall egalitarian vision.

    As an individual I'm pretty outside the box (dorky but good natured and practical) and currently work in healthcare analytics and visualization and recently joined a group working to create a [cagefighting]/[martial arts]/[parkour] to [stunt combat]/[motion capture] to cinema pipeline.

    The overall concept of the nonevil master plan was to use the legal shell of a cooperative corporation to create a sort of "intrinsic motivation engine" where there is a process to make it easy for people to explore what they nerd out about safely in groups while others creatively monetize them to gather more resources. It's designed to allow people to safely fail while learning new things, and is a bit like a collection of deliberately weird evolving Skunkworks' projects that people can move between and change together while an organizing group distributes resources and uses consensual gamification approaches to allocate resources and get the most 'bang for the buck'

    It's more a framework than a specific plan so it should mesh well with anyone that wants to remove barriers to people being awesome and in exchange uses the productivity/wealth/resources gained from a few large successes to raise a generation of better people than us to save the world. If someone likes that concept and/or has some similar ideas floating around I'd LOVE to join forces!

    I've got a strong 'every child should have every opportunity' mindset and have a mission to end the birth circumstance lottery people currently have by offering as many options for people to explore as is possible (as opposed to the current 'one' for most people if they're not born lucky like myself). I hope to exploit my privilege and pay it back with interest to serve the greater good and perhaps leave the planet a bit shinier than it was when I arrived.
  • brgentrybrgentry Belmont, CAPosts: 5
    Greetings all. If a team needs help just holler.

    Good mission based problems excite me! I'm a problem solver (designer/entrepreneur) by nature and experience, and love to solve thorny chaotic problems in effective and efficient ways. In a past life I designed, built and supported Microsoft's Official Distance Curriculum, Suze Orman's Personal Finance 101 and many other edtech experiential learning products. Currently, I mentor cleantech startups but I am happy to help get some of your teams off the ground effectively solving this worthwhile challenge.
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    Hello everyone, I'm George a systems thinker always available for brainstorming and collaboration. It's a pleasure joining this community.

    Hopefully this thread begin the discussions that will lead us beyond singular proposals, to the collaborative efforts that can help us all experiment with our collective projects over time. Any proposed solution should begin an inclusive process of establishing new cultures of distributed power and interdependence within a co-created global ecosystem that establishes diversity, data dignity, data integrity, data privacy, data security, diverse business start-ups and environmental protection and shared responsibility for all. Together we should begin this process asap! If you are interested in learning more details on how we can begin, contact me anytime at: [email protected]
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