Food production is projected to grow 70% by 2050, when the world population reaches 9.7 billion. Fish consumption alone will rise 58%. The agricultural expansion required to meet the world's hunger will increase deforestation and biodiversity loss, and accelerate climate change by increasing the release of carbon into the atmosphere.

To meet this global challenge, XPRIZE is designing a prize competition that will incentivize solutions which create white meat alternatives that replicate or outperform conventional meat in cost and access, environmental sustainability and animal welfare, nutrition and health, and taste and texture — ultimately leading to a future in which both people and the environment thrive.

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Environmental Metrics

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In order to ensure that we set audacious but achievable goals in this prize competition, we need to both establish a baseline for conventional fish production and know how plant- and cell-based fish alternatives are currently performing.

As you can see in the chart below, there are a number of gaps (the red dots) in our research, which we hope the community can fill in.


For alternatives, we're missing the following environmental metrics:
  • The impact on deforestation of conventional fish, both farm raised and wild caught.
  • The impact on greenhouse gas emissions (CHG), deforestation, water use, water pollution and energy for plant-based fish alternatives.
  • The impact on water pollution for cell-based fish alternatives.

We'd appreciate any guidance you can provide in order to help us establish these metrics!


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