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Several constituencies are experimenting with i-voting, or online voting, notably Estonia and two cantons in Switzerland. The results have been mixed.

One study found that i-voting had no impact on turnout in Geneva and Zurich. Another found that turnout in Estonia did increase, especially in remote areas. But it warned that Internet voting could widen the “digital divide”.

Germany and the Netherlands have banned electronic voting altogether for fear of fraud and foreign election interference. An experiment with online voting in New South Wales was found to be flawed. Up to 66,000 votes were potentially compromised.

Can these problems be overcome? Are they outweighed by the benefits of i-voting?

Please share your opinion here and let us know what the experience has been in your country!


  • megXprizemegXprize Contributor Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, NigeriaPosts: 20
    i-voting is necessary as it reduces output errors. But the advantage is when there is electricity outage, the voting data may be erased off without saving. And also insufficient electronic voting equipments juperdices the success of the voting.
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