"How To Restore The Rain Forest's Trees" thread!

Dear X-Men, I have recapped and sent this idea for a cheap way to replant trees everywhere to all of the Brazil links and United Nations links working on a way to heal the burning rain forest. Seriously, this is MASSIVE project, and unless the UN and other upper tier government institutes get into this project, not too much we X-Men can do! A possible option is for Brazil, to use their rain forest as a 'Wood Mine', a VERY long term business plan, where they grow those very special trees, that only grows in rain forest trees, and sell their BEAUTIFUL wood to every nation in the world, as a $profit$ program to replace the cash flow that Brazil gets from using the burned off forest area to raise cattle to sell for beef. Trouble is, that thing will take YEARS, and the greedheads running the world are now known for their long term patience! But, TECHNICALLY, that could WORK.


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    @rgschreib, I've moved this into Environment > Challenges, as the group in which you posted it originally was created by mistake.
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