Challenges in Space Today

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Hi - i'm Nick Azer, a Community Manager for XPRIZE Communities here; but also for the last 7 years, a blogger and social media manager for the Lunar XPRIZE!

XPRIZE remains really interested in space (in fact, our CEO is astronaut Anousheh Ansari).

What do you think are some of the most interesting challenges in space today - especially on a commercial or non-government scale? Space is a big place, literally and figuratively, so there's a lot of interesting angles to explore for breakthrough new projects.

Could solar sails make the biggest difference for exploration? Do we need better rockets? Is Venus a good option for a relatively achievable breakthrough project, or should efforts focus on problems closer to home, like space junk or remote sensing of the Earth?

Share any challenges - maybe even your top ten - in space that you think are the most intriguing or tantalizing. What seems achievable and within reach - and, what just excites you the most?


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    Nick, Anousheh and others (including Dan Selz who I did not know was a space junkie too) ... I have had work on space related projects for much of my career. These deal with among other things ... mitigation of space radiation - electromagnetic propulsion systems - and most recently a runway to space heavy launch system that greatly reduces the cost and turn around time of not only heavy but extra large payloads. I did a radio interview a few months ago on the heavy launch system. I also have an extensive background in electricity and magnetism in outer space. I have given invited talks at international venues including American Geophysical Union, Los Alamos Labs, Air Space America show (San Diego in the 1980s) and more. But in terms of importance relative to an xprize.
    1) radiation identification and mitigation in near earth and solar environment
    2) heavy launch systems for large payloads (e.g. space hotels with artificial gravity)
    3) Understanding space electricity and magnetism
    4) electro magnetic propulsion systems
    5) emergency escape and re-entry vehicles
    Hope you like this ... James McC
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