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    I am Simon Yu. I own a newly issued patent using drones to fight wildland fire without water. see

    I am an electronic engineer and residential home builder. I own patent using drone to kill mosquito and caterpillar without pesticide.
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    Newest patented innovation using drone to extinguish wildland fire. A drone distance itself 100 meters away from fire target sends two ultrasonic beams aiming at fire target. When the two beams intersect. The Ultrasounds slowed down to become audio acoustic rapidly push and pull the flame away from combustible materials causing fire instantly extinguished. The audio acoustic ranging from 30 to 60 Hz. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) had a demo using low audio frequency to put out fire using a boombox speaker at one meter distance. My invention creates a virtual boombox to fight fire via the sonic beams which is safe and without use of water.
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    I am also working on drone based highly focused audio acoustic waves utilize my patented technology to extinguish wildland fire.
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    M-Fire Holdings, LLC creates new technology to create novel approach to wildfire management

    San Diego, CA — July 1, 2020 — M-Fire Holdings LLC (MFH) announces additions to the proven Mighty Fire Breaker® product line designed to defend property and roadway right-of-way from devasting wildfire events. Applying Mighty Fire Breaker® slurry and mulch products [WE NEED A NAME FOR THIS NEW PRODUCT BECAUSE “SLURRY” DOES NOT SOUND APPEALING OR EFFECTIVE – how about “Roadway Defender” for the slurry and use the “Ember Defender” for the bark-based mulch?] eliminates the threat of wildfire along exit corridors, ensuring a new level of safety for both fire professionals and evacuating residents.
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