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Even as we have incorporated the concept of multi-tasking, as a way to lower the costs of individual tasks associated with our Combined Remediation Biomass and Bio-Product Production (CRBBP) Process, as we approach air pollution, a similar multi-task, multi-benefit approach may help the ultimate solution to be more cost-effective and have more impact.

In fact, I think our Vertical Bio-Crop Farms (VBF"s) concept also has applications for treating air pollution and otherwise improving air quality.



  • ShashiShashi Mumbai, IndiaPosts: 566 admin
    Welcome Joseph to the community, @josephjjames
    Thank you for sharing your insight on solving air pollution.
  • jamesburbridgejamesburbridge Posts: 49 XPRIZE
    I wanted to use this conversation to highlight a couple of other interesting potential solutions: the idea of a de-centralized aerosol pollution composition sensor mentioned by @akb and the o2o2 personal masks developed by @DanBowden. I'd highly recommend everyone check these out at, very Blade Runner-esque.
  • DanBowdenDanBowden United StatesPosts: 3
    You should see what the next level of patents will allow us to do for the benefit of the world. ;-)
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