Case studies on improving air quality in New York, Istanbul, Toronto, and Beijing

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As air quality issues in urban communities from Beijing to New Delhi become progressively serious, the connections between activity to deliver environmental change and to check neighborhood air contamination have attracted increasing attention.

Following paper features the interconnection that exists between reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reducing emissions of other air pollutants. It presents contextual investigations of endeavors in four urban communities—New York, Istanbul, Toronto, and Beijing—to improve urban air quality. Air Quality FINAL for web etc.pdf


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    Thanks @Shashi for this informative paper! I especially thought the case study on improving NYC's emissions that stem from residential and commercial heating through regulatory reforms and incentive programs to be particularly interesting.

    South Korea also heavily relies on boilers (predominantly gas-powered, I believe) to supply heat to homes, buildings, greenhouses, etc. (having experienced several winters in Korea, they can be quite brutal!) I'm seeing the rise of replacing older boilers with condensing boilers being marketed in Korea as a more fuel-efficient and eco-friendly option, so hopefully this trend continues.
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