An advanced city's transport system (~ 2050)

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Here is an outline of what transport in a future city could look like: City One; and the amazing technological innovations that could support it.


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    I've read about the idea of putting transportation underground. Not necessarily for people, but for delivery, garbage collection, etc. That would free up the streets for pedestrians and cyclists.

    It's a lovely idea, but I have to wonder how feasible this is in some old European cities.

    Back home in Amsterdam, the construction of a new metro line connecting the old city with new areas across the water ended up costing twice as much and it opened 7 years late, the main reason being that the ground underneath Amsterdam is unstable. When they started digging tunnels, it caused seventeenth- and eighteenth-century buildings to subside. And that was just one tunnel.
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    Good points @NickOttens

    Perhaps in the future better monitoring and advanced route planning of underground tunnels will take place, so that they know what challenges to expect during tunneling and what routes to avoid, before they start.

    Also we need faster and more efficient tunneling. Have you seen Elon Musk's Boring Company - that's a start, but I'd hope for tunneling to outpace the "snail" :-)
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