Exciting and radical innovations in Space

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Fifty years after the great Apollo achievement, the space race is on again!
» Robots
» Made in space
» Space stations
» Rail launcher
» Space bases

See the massive opportunities for building in space, and why the Moon can play a key role.

A concise space road-map [okay we won't have roads in space]: Space Future Gallery.


  • Ali_J_GangehAli_J_Gangeh Posts: 2
    here are some lesser known companies doing some very cool stuff in space
    1. Relativity space.. 3d printing rockets
    2.Made in space... 3d prinint in space
    3. Momentus... water plasma propulsion
    4. Astrobotics... robots in space
    5. Maxar... contract for moonbase with nasa
    6. Positron dynamics... antimatter rocket
    7. Planetary society... lightsail
    8. most other companies which have contracts with NASA
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    My primary role now at XPRIZE is Community Manager here on the Online Community - but for the last 7 years I've been a social media manager & blogger & curator on the Google Lunar XPRIZE! So space and the Moon are definitely up my alley.

    @akb - it's been super exciting to see some of the developments towards building the Gateway in space! NASA has really taken up the Moon dream and ran with it, and things like 3D printing will be a big part of that. Plus the occasional inflatable space station. I still get excited any time I see some cool 'sunflower' solar panels in a rendering or one of the lunar RV Campers made for road trips on the Moon.

    The former Lunar XPRIZE teams have been rolling along - HAKUTO-R just moved one of their landing missions closer, to 2021, "due to 'dramatic market acceleration and increasing demand for lunar exploration around the world.'" Pretty epic! Astrobotic alone has received more than $79 million in new contracts from NASA this year. And of course, stay tuned to Visioneering this year to see SpaceIL receive their $1 million Moonshot Award from XPRIZE for their achievements orbiting and attempting a landing on the Moon,

    @Ali_J_Gangeh - a lot of those are really exciting! Rocket Lab is making 3D-printed rockets, as well. The LightSail is a particularly awesome project - there's a lot of ground you could break using lightsails to get around the solar system!

    XPRIZE remains really interested in space, so stay tuned for possible developments on that front!

    Are there any space projects (or goals) you all think could make for particularly big breakthroughs, for space, earth, or otherwise?
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