Exciting and radical innovations in Space

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Fifty years after the great Apollo achievement, the space race is on again!
» Robots
» Made in space
» Space stations
» Rail launcher
» Space bases

See the massive opportunities for building in space, and why the Moon can play a key role.

A concise space road-map [okay we won't have roads in space]: Space Future Gallery.


  • Ali_J_GangehAli_J_Gangeh Posts: 2
    here are some lesser known companies doing some very cool stuff in space
    1. Relativity space.. 3d printing rockets
    2.Made in space... 3d prinint in space
    3. Momentus... water plasma propulsion
    4. Astrobotics... robots in space
    5. Maxar... contract for moonbase with nasa
    6. Positron dynamics... antimatter rocket
    7. Planetary society... lightsail
    8. most other companies which have contracts with NASA
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