Infrastructure for Smart Cities

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Smart Cities use sensor technologies to accumulate and break down data with an end goal to improve the personal satisfaction of inhabitants. Sensors gather information on everything from surge hour details to crime rates to in general air quality.

Complicated and costly infrastructure is involved in installing and maintaining these sensors. In addition to it we have challenges like
  1. How the sensors would be powered? What happens in case of power failure?
  2. Major metropolitan areas are already challenged with replacing decades-old infrastructure, such as underground wiring, steam pipes, and transportation tunnels, as well as installing high-speed internet.
  3. Funding for new infrastructure projects is limited and approval processes can take years.
  4. Installing new sensors and other improvements cause temporary – though still frustrating – problems for people living in these cities.

How do we overcome the above challenges to develop a smart city in real terms?


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    Good questions @Shashi
    In the City One design (~ 2050) very advanced technology is incorporated, but how do we get from where we are now to that future design?

    If you look at the plan of the city it is green [pleasant parks, resources, etc.] in the middle and there are buildings around this area, with even larger buildings on the periphery. The thinking is that as old buildings are demolished in the centre the central green area grows, and new smart, bigger, buildings appear on the city boundary. In this design an extensive, dynamic, underground network also exists for transport and robot world.
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    PS: Here's the advanced technology to support a future city: Transport technologies in the era 2030 to 2070.
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    Thanks @akb for providing insights on this challenge.
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    @Cory_Brugger, @arinaldi, you may be interested in this discussion as well. We'd love to hear your thoughts!
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