Kitkit School, from South Korea and the United States, and onebillion, from Kenya and the United Kingdom, split the $10 million grand prize in the Global Learning XPRIZE. Click here to learn more. The open-source software of all five finalist teams is available in GitHub.
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Re: Compiling the onebillion and Kitkit software

jo_xprizejo_xprize Posts: 17 mod
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My name is Benedict Mfoi from Camara Education Tanzania. An international NGO aims to transform education using technology( We have been following xprize global learning since the beginning and we were very happy with the test result of the trial done in Tanga.

We are interest in bringing the solution to more kids in Tanzania but we are facing a challenges in getting the software. We are interest in Onebillion and Kitkit school apps in both languages(Swahili and english) but the ones available at are not working.

We have tried several times to compile them but with no success.

Do you know anyone who have successfully compile the software you link us with?


@benmfoi Hi, Ben. Could you share more details about the problems you are encountering during the compilation process?

Also note that APKs are available for download from and Did you try downloading and installing those?



  • CDaviesCDavies Posts: 6

    I installed the kitkitschool apk files to my amazon fire tablet and they seem to work lovely for a short while, but then the device went into reboot mode. In the end I had to reset the tablet back to factory settings to get the fire device to work.

    I installed the one billion software and that worked fine on the fire tablet, is still working and my grand-daughter enjoys using it.

    I tried loading the kitkitschool APK files on to a Samsung tab 4 device and I can view the videos and books through the app, but the main app is not working correctly. Once the main intro video has finished and I click on the START button the app just throws a little error message, it just not processing any further. My next step is to look through the code in the repo and try work out why the code is not seeing the main library data.

    Out of the two apps I believe the kitkitschool software is the better of the two teams. The interface looks better designed and a lot of development time has gone into the programming of the different apps.

  • CDaviesCDavies Posts: 6
    To follow up from my previous post.

    I installed the one billion main app apk file through the silk browser on the amazon fire tablet, then I followed the instructions as laid out in the file for transferring the assets over to the tablet's sdcard using the ADB program.

    When I tried installing the main apk file from repo this way, the file would not install correctly and threw up errors with the package. Only by downloading and installing the apk file on the device did I get the software to work.
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