Chimple (Goa) project setup

ankitk20ankitk20 Posts: 2
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Can the Chimple team provide steps to setup and build the Goa project in IDEs like Android Studio or XCode?


  • sri_chimplesri_chimple Posts: 2
    You can open goa/proj.ios_mac/goa.xcodeproj in Xcode and compile and run on Mac OS. It will build a Mac executable which can be used for debugging and testing new features.
  • daniel_millerdaniel_miller Los Angeles, CaliforniaPosts: 19
    @ankitk20 What is the use case you are looking to implement this build of the Chimple software for?
  • ankitk20ankitk20 Posts: 2
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    1. I opened goa/proj.ios_mac/goa.xcodeproj in XCode but there were a number of errors. Then, I imported in Android Studio but it did not load the native projects. @sri_chimple
    2. I want to run and see the application. @daniel_miller
  • sri_chimplesri_chimple Posts: 2
    @ankitk20 Can you please send details of the errors you see?
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