What promising innovations are currently being pioneered that could extend human life?

We are asking you, the community, to share any and all innovations you are aware of, regardless of the stage they are in.

Our ultimate goal is to identify potential breakthroughs that XPRIZE could incentivize through prize competitions. In order to know where XPRIZE could add value, we first need to understand what is already being done in the longevity sphere. We are asking for your contributions to ensure that we take a broad and global view.

Welcome to the XPRIZE Longevity Community!

For much of the last century, Earth's population experienced tremendous increases in life expectancy. Is it possible to extend human lifespan even further, or reverse aging altogether?

In this initiative sponsored by Sergey Young, XPRIZE is studying the future of longevity to discover innovative and accessible ways to radically extend everyone's healthy lifespan.

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Blood Type and Aging

The blood types (ABO) and their interrelation with various factors, exert, initiate and progress to accelerated aging as reports suggest.



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