Farming System for Nutrition (FSN)

arshimehboobarshimehboob IndiaPosts: 78 ✭✭
Increasingly the world’s food security has been dependent on a few crops. Out of 20,000 plant species which are the primary source for human nutritive elements in the world, less than 20 species now provide 90% of food consumed by the human population. The narrowing of the food basket with less number of staple crops led to a reduction in nutrient to calorie ratio in the present cereal-based diets, resulting in high levels of micronutrient and protein deficiencies, leading to reduced immunity and growth, stunting, mortality, poor cognitive development, learning ability and productivity.

The main reason for this narrowing of food basket is the diversion of farming systems towards market-oriented crops and monoculture systems, lack of awareness on the nutritional profile of different species and limited availability of planting materials of nutri-dense crops and varieties.


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