Israel fast becoming world hub of aging industry

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New report shows that Israel’s academic and business ecosystem is the optimal base for an internationally recognized longevity industry hub:
The State of Israel will soon turn 71. And yet this babe among nations ranks fifth internationally for average life expectancy and conducts some of the world’s most critical research on healthy aging.

That is the conclusion of “Longevity in Israel,” a new 575-page report from the London-based Aging Analytics Agency in cooperation with Vetek (Seniority) – The Movement for Longevity and Quality of Life and the Israeli Longevity Alliance.


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    Is this another example of Israeli entrepreneurship, or do you think there's a reason why the anti-aging industry in particular is doing so well in Israel?
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    The gap between expected healthy lifespan and life expectancy in Israel is 20 years. This is a big enough gap to drive resources into narrowing the gap, and NOT by reducing life expectancy. The israeli national healthcare system is capitated (fix annual sum per capita, 7% of GDP) so this is a major driver for keeping people healthy, as opposed to the US, service-driven (sickcare) system.
    You may also need to realize that we do have a computerized, nationwide EHR system for over 20 years now. This is another infrastructure asset that drives innovation across the board.
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