Revised Scope: The Future of Food

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The XPRIZE team has been following every discussion, reflecting on your comments and working closely with the sponsors over the past few weeks to refine the scope of the Future of Farming Impact Roadmap.

The result is a systems approach that will cover various challenges along the food value chain from production, distribution and processing, all the way to consumption, in the new Future of Food Impact Roadmap.

Stay tuned for some changes in the community, including an important upcoming discussion about the revised “Preferred Future Statement” (PFS), a touchstone for our effort that articulates an aspirational future for humanity.

This is due to your valuable input and we thank you again for your contributions!

Click here to read the revised Impact Roadmap description.


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    To ensure the lasting food security for future generations and reduce the need for costly humanitarian aids in the future, this roadmap may bridge the gap between humanitarian and development efforts by designing socio-economic techno-commercial interventions helping vulnerable communities, smallholder farmers and regions building in resilience to complex farming risks, including addressing the root causes of recurrent farming and food crisis.

    Here are a few points in advance of the discussion:

    Tailored interventions to improve agricultural production and market strategies while creating new opportunities for food security and prosperity.

    Strengthening the resilience of communities to shocks that can lead to famine and political unrest

    Reducing hunger and improving nutrition, especially among mothers and children.
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