Why talk of longevity?

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I do not understand why we are talking of longevity. We are interested in our long life but when talk about other living beings/ object, we prefer that it should be better model. Say milch animals we want hybrid variety giving more milk. we want better animals /sea food of better quality. when we talk of Airplanes we want safer and high speed. We want machine with artificial intelligence to perform better. Similarly we can talk about lot many things.

In my opinion we should not talk about longevity alone. We should talk about how to give maximum and better service to this planet (even we can say universe). Our focus should how to get better human beings with more intelligence, strength and most importantly more cooperation and should not think of thinking that we / our group should rule the entire universe. Which is causing terrorism arms race in world.

I am firm believer of Vasudev Kutumbhkam, i.e. whole world should live like a family and should improve the quality of all living beings.

Let us think that our Avtars, prophets, and other great persons whom we worship or think of our roll models never thought of longevity they were always for better society.

These are my views. I tender my unconditional apology if my views hurts any body


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    Thank you for sharing your thoughts! It's why we're not interested in merely extending life, that is, adding years at the end of life. We want to find ways to extend everyone's healthy lifespan, so we have more years in the prime of our lives.
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    @sheesh thank you for your feedback and unique perspective on this! Can't there be a way to bridge the ability to live longer (and as @NickOttens said, more importantly, improve the actual quality and experience of life) while also caring for all living beings and strive for a better society, as you've mentioned?

    A world where there are less sickness and overpopulation, and more wisdom and freedom from people living longer and the paradigm will have shifted to a multi-stage life. I think, it is a possibility!

    Would love to hear other community members' thoughts on these and other ideas or perspectives you may have.
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    Longevity includes the somatic and cognitive spheres. One cannot just have long life for the body, as the brain and its mind are attached to it. Seriously, the cognitive sphere is not just about intelligence; it forms the attitudes, behaviors (psychology) and general awareness. I was originally interested in longevity because I recognized the frailty of biology. Shortly thereafter, I was more attracted to the desire to experience a more humane humanity. Consider what it might be like to exist in a world where humans are innately humane.

    The deeper dive into longevity summons not just how life extension and the mitigation of disease can or will be achieved; it opens up queries about what new environments will be developed for a far longer future. For example, as architects develop livable habitats outside the biological realm, biology will pivot of. We are already seeing this occur with VR, AR, gaming, are everyday devices, etc.

    Regardless of the habitat, it seems most likely that longevity will remain true to its meaning, and that it "continuance". To continue to be alive.
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    Beautifully said, @Natasha! Thank you for sharing your take on why thinking and working on longevity is important for humanity.
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