How long will we live in 2069?

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Medium Magazine story on Naked mole rats, the Church of Perpetual Life, and the quest to discover what the future holds for the human lifespan


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    @anttipe, @MaximKholin, @stuartmaudsley, I wonder if you have thoughts on the article @ymedan shared. What do you think about the prospect of extending human lifespan to 150 in the next half century?
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    Not really possible regardless of whether you're talking about maximum lifespan (one person) or life expectancy (national populations). Even if death rates are cut in half at extreme old age to 25%, and I don't see this happening, no one alive today would live to 150. Life expectancy for a national population cannot practically reach that number for reasons I've been talking about for the last 29 years. I discuss all of these issues in a forthcoming paper entitled Inconvenient Truths About Human Longevity -- should be out later this year.
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    @Jay Any other interesting articles or journals you can share with us? Would love to know more about what obstacles you think are standing in the way of progress.
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    Latest episode of OZY podcast on Future of Health talks about the Future of Dying. One of the fascinating concepts is migrating our "mind and soul" to a newly printed whole body. Is this the digital version of Reincarnation?
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