Technology development to fight the environmental menaces generated by the current technology

The modern man is called technological man because his every walk of life is driven by technology. The technology enabled him to not only achieve great feats on obstacles of life but to fight the problem of daily needs for a world which was plagued by famine, poverty and
other miseries of life. This was called development. It enabled to curb unemployment also. The only drawback was disturbing the ecological and environmental balance on the mother earth. When in 1960s, for the first time clean air, clean water and clean environment regulations came in existence in USA, it meant losing of jobs and closure of many companies. After sometimes these regulations had to be put in a closet for sometimes and it was decided to continue development whatever be the cost in public pressure. The anti-technologist blamed it on technology, but apprehended that some modern technology would solve this problem. So these anti-technologist were not so anti to technology. After re-imposition of environmental laws in various countries it becomes imperative to design our technologies in another evolutionary and\or revolutionary way so that the menace produced by present day technologies could be effectively abated and the development pace could be kept as desired using new and innovative sustainable and eco-friendly technologies. The challenge is to develop such technologies.


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