XPRIZE has released the Future of Longevity Impact Roadmap, a digital report and interactive website that reveals 12 breakthroughs that can promote increased health and life expectancy for all.

Months of research, and extensive input from this community, led to the identification of five grand challenges for accelerating innovation and the 12 breakthroughs.

The Impact Roadmap was created in partnership with Founder of the Longevity Vision Fund and XPRIZE Board Member, Sergey Young, and will serve as a basis of future XPRIZE competitions.

Click here to browse the interactive website and download the full report.
Kitkit School, from South Korea and the United States, and onebillion, from Kenya and the United Kingdom, split the $10 million grand prize in the Global Learning XPRIZE. Click here to learn more. The open-source software of all five finalist teams is available in GitHub.
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