Thank you for your contributions to the Rainforest Prize Design! We are excited to announce that XPRIZE has now officially launched the $10 million Rainforest XPRIZE, based on the results of this project.

You can visit the official page for the Rainforest XPRIZE here and read the press release here.

Thank you so much to everyone in the community for all your contributions. You helped make this XPRIZE possible and we can't thank you enough! We're looking forward to seeing the impact this competition will have on rainforests around the world.

Registration for the Rainforest XPRIZE is now open, if you would like to form a team.

Let us know if you have any questions (you can also find the prize FAQ here, and follow the competition's progress with #RainforestXPRIZE on social media.

Rainforest (Concluded)

An XPRIZE to end deforestation and save the rainforest.

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