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  • Future of Forests - Prize Idea Topic Areas
  • Carbon Sequestration
    Strengthening the role of forests in carbon sequestration and storing. Top breakthrough: Decreasing the cost and increasing the scale of quantifying the carbon sequestration of forests.
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  • Alternative Wood Products
    Sustainable and bio-friendly wood alternatives to assume the market share of traditional wood products. Top breakthrough: Microbial cellulose from waste (e.g. food waste) to develop fiber characteristics suitable to various applications (e.g. fiber length, strength, etc.)
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  • Fighting Deforestation
    New technologies and science to regenerate and maintain forests globally. Top breakthroughs: 1. A functioning, transparent, and accessible global ecosystems services market that will reduce deforestation. 2. Scalable reforestation with automation preserving existing forests against climate change, fire and drought, and restoring those we have lost.
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  • Decoupling Land from Food Production
    Sustainable and affordable alternatives to agricultural products and existing production methods to diminish or remove the need for unsustainable farming and forest conversion. Top breakthrough: Lab-grown meat to replace animal meat, thereby eliminating deforestation-causing cattle ranching and feed production.
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  • Value of Forests
    Cultural shift to severely reduce consumer demand for unsustainable forest products. Top breakthrough: Technology to help promote intrinsic value of standing forests for humans and the environment.
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  • Renewable Energy Production
    Clean and renewable energy sources replace coal and firewood, and reduce land footprint of biofuels, solar panels, and wind turbines. Top breakthrough: "Do It Yourself" biomass energy to decrease unsustainable small holder forest harvesting.
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  • Data collection and sharing
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  • General discussions
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